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Cool, Fresh, Clean Air - Everywhere

Ice House -
Portable Air Cooler

IceHouse Portable AC is an innovative cooler & humidifier that offers instant & long-lasting relief during
the hottest summer days. Cordless, compact, lightweight & rechargeable, IceHouse Portable AC helps you
beat the heat both indoors & outdoors!

4-in-1 Portable AC

  • Cools

    Keep your space cool no matter how hot the weather with instant cooling.

  • Humidifies

    Adds clean moisture back into the air to keep your skin, eyes & sinuses from drying.

  • Purifies

    Multi-layer washable filters trap harmful particles & purifies the air you breathe.

  • Lights Up

    7 LED color mood lights perfect for your nightstand for some ambient lightning.

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Why Choose IceHouse

Convenient - Functional - Efficiency

  • Portable &

    IceHouse comes with a USB that fits on any desktop, countertop, nightstand, workstation or even your car!

  • Customizable

    2 cooling settings, 5 fan speeds & moveable directional vent you can optimize IceHouse to your personal preference.

  • Leak Proof

    Top fill water tank comes with a funnel to prevent spillage & the whole unit is leak proof so once water is in, it stays in.

  • Innovative

    Water curtain design prevents mold & keeps air & water moving through keeping it fresh at all times, all day long.

Super Cool Features

IceHouse has been built with cutting edge technology that ensures easy operation, superior
portability, easy cleaning & above all clean, fresh, cool air, anywhere you want.

  • Wide Angle
    Air Flow

  • Atomizing

  • Rapid

  • Built-in
    Water Tank

  • 7 Light Color

  • Touch Screen
    Display & Panel

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The Science Behind IceHouse

How It Works

Icehouse uses a fan to draw in warm stale air, where it passes through a water mister and
moistened filter pads. This immediately cools the air. It’s similar to the feeling of feeling a chill when
you step out of the shower even on a warm day.

Cool Yourself
Wherever You Are

No matter if you are at home or outside, the portable & cordless design lets you take IceHouse
Portable AC with you,
wherever you go!

  • Nightstand

  • Desk

  • Kitchen

  • Workshop

  • Dorm Room

  • Office

  • Backyard

  • Garage

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How To Use IceHouse Portable AC

Beat The Heat In 1..2..3

Get IceHouse & Save 50%

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See What Customers Say

Real People. Real Reviews.

Love my Icehouse!

Love my Icehouse! It stays on my desk but I have also used it near our bed. Its quiet as a mouse and blows cool FRESH air on me all day long. I can feel the air in my room get fresher which is great when we have to leave windows closed on poor air quality days or during fire season.

Matthew D. - California Verified Customer


LOVE IT... I work from home and have 2 computers running in 95 degree heat, this works beautifully.... Already recommended to fellow coworkers working from home!

Caroline - Texas Verified Customer

This little guy is a powerhouse!

This little guy is a powerhouse! It has been nearly 100 degrees where I live and I've had my Icehouse on constantly since then. I am a person who runs very hot, and hot weather makes me miserable. It's been a different world since I've gotten my Icehouse, and I can't recommend it enough! Thank you!

Paul R. - Iowa Verified Customer

The perfect solution! Small, portable and effective!

"personal climate" is a great descriptor for this; as a person who really dislikes AC but doesn't want to roast to death in the FL heat this is the perfect solution! Small, portable and effective! It also keeps the air in my home office clean and fresh, I can really feel the difference when it's running all day.

Rachel G - Florida Verified Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Icehouse reduce the temperature and what size area can it cool down?

Icehouse was designed as personal units, cooling not an entire room but the user's personal area. To feel the maximum cooling effect, you should be in the center of the airflow with the device's front grills facing towards you, within ~3ft distance from the device.

The outgoing temperature depends on the air temperature and humidity in the area. Good ventilation is also very important. The maximum temperature decrease that can be reached is 18-22°F.

How does the Icehouse work?

Icehouse's powerful fan pulls warm dry air through a water filtration system. The water causes the air to rapidly cool, just like the breeze you feel coming off the ocean. Additionally the water heavy air catches small impurities and particles and these stick in the eco friendly nano-fiber filter, cleaning the air as it cools.
how it works

Can I set the Icehouse to cool to a certain temperature?

No, the external air temperature and humidity will impact the outgoing temperature. The Icehouse does have a 5 speed fan and 2 different humidifier settings which control air flow and water humidity. These settings will help cool the air faster as it moves through the device.

Do I have to replace the filter cartridge? How often?

Yes, normally icehouse filters last about 6 months (depending on how often and how long it’s used). Replacement filters are readily available and easy to install. Best practice is always run the fan on high for 3-5 minutes before turning off. This helps ensure full evaporation and keeps the filter lasting longer.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee